Fruit of the Loom Redefines Business Casual With Its Ridiculous ‘Professionals Collection’

Clothes designed to make people laugh

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Back in April, Fruit of the Loom and Crispin Porter + Bogusky made fake transparent plastic pants. Now, the brand and agency have upped their fake-clothes game to create a very special line of high-end attire.

Upon closer inspection, though, you'll see that it's not so high-end. These are actually fleece sweat suits printed to look like fancy duds.

The so-called Professionals Collection includes three looks—the Country Clubber, the Trail Blazer and the Business Time. The bad news, though: You can't buy them. (At least not yet.) The brand only made 50 of each outfit—to gauge if consumers are interested.

Fruit of the Loom will post the images on social media, asking people where they would wear the them. Ads will also run on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine.

"The end goal is to bring the look of success to sweats, without sacrificing comfort," the brand said.

"This is a chance for guys to show up making the type of fashion statement they love the most—the type that makes all of their friends laugh. And strangers. Strangers will also laugh. Then they'll ask where you got that sweat suit," said Brett Dixon, associate creative director at CP+B.

Check out the three short clips below explaining each outfit below.

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