George Clooney Pops Up in Classic Movies in This Irresistible Road-Trip Romp for Nespresso

Delightful star-studded spot from McCann New York

Clooney on the set of his new Nespresso ad, his first U.S. spot for the brand in two years.

Who’s suaver, George Clooney or Fozzie Bear?

Check out the Cloonster’s latest ad for Nespresso and decide for yourself. Georgie pops into travel scenes from a half-dozen familiar Hollywood films, including The Muppet Movie, as he takes the long, cinematic way home for a cup of that sweet sweet joe:

Yes, that’s Andy Garcia taunting Clooney on the phone. Hey, Andy—your Oscar envy’s showing! (Just kidding. You were great in that thing you were in, whatever it was.)

Developed with McCann New York, the commercial marks Clooney’s first U.S. ad for Nespresso in nearly two years. Along with the Muppets’ first big-screen romp (1979), the spot incorporates clips from Psycho (1960), Easy Rider (1969), Smokey and the Bandit (1977), Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) and Seabiscuit (2003).

“We wanted to bring an aspect of George’s movie world mixed with elements of cultural references into the campaign,” client vp of marketing Davide Moro tells AdFreak. “We worked closely with George in selecting the movies.”

His integration into the old films is pretty darn impressive.

“The director, Grant Heslov, and [effects company] Framestore worked together closely to come up with a seamless edit,” Moro says. “This covered everything from necessary props—the cars and motorcycle—lighting, camera angles and lenses. Figuring out everything in advance resulted in George being able to focus on his performance for each greenscreen set-up over the course of the three shoot days.”

You’ll note that Clooney never appears “beside himself” in footage from any of his own movies. Presumably, such a debonair doubling would cause the cosmos to explode.

You’ll also note that he doesn’t have any lines (aside from voicing the “What else?” tagline at the end)—though his presence is impressive throughout, as he sells the comic premise through priceless facial expressions.

Garcia, on the other hand, never shuts up. Go easy on that java, Andy!

Check out some behind-the-scenes pics, and creative credits, below:

President U.S.: Guillaume Le Cunff
Vice President Of Marketing: Davide Moro
Marketing Director: Justin Degeorge
Brand Manager Communications: Allison Moore
Brand Manager: Laura Hagege
Global Communications Campaign Manager: Carlos Oyanguren

McCann New York / Agency
North American Chief Creative Officer: Eric Silver
Chief Creative Officers, Ny: Tom Murphy, Sean Bryan
Executive Creative Directors: Larry Platt
Group Creative Director Danny Rodriguez
Creative Director (Art Director): Nic Howell
Creative Director (Writer): Geoff Bentz
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram
Broadcast Affairs: Danielle Korn, Gordon Corte, Sam Belkin, Kimberly Kress
Executive Producer: Kathy Love
Account Management: Dana Mccullough, Laura Decker, Joey Smilgiewicz
Strategy: Laura Frank, Anna Andreis
Project Management: Alexandra Goldklang
Business Affairs: Lenie Gramovot
Talent Coordinator: Terry Marcello
Traffic: Elly Schribman
Network Clearance: Michelle Mason

“Comin’ Home” TVC’s
Production Company: Untitled
Director: Grant Heslov
Director of Photography: Phedon Papamichael
Editorial Company: Big Sky
Editor: Chris Franklin
Visual Effects Company: Framestore Ny
Executive Producer – Sarah Hiddlestone
ECD: Murray Butler
Vfx Supervisor: Martin Lazaro
Senior Producer: Nick Fraser
3D Team: Nathan Diehl/Mohamed Echkouna/Sean Curran/Stefania Cancemi/Will Frazier/Nico Cappuccio
2D Team: Karch Coon/Sang Kim/Raul Ortego/Steve Drew/Matt Pascuzzi/Corrina Wilson/Elaina Brillantes
Design/Matte Painting: Callum Mckeveny
Transfer: Company 3 – Tim Masick
Music Company: Na / Mel Torme’s “Comin’ Home Baby”
Mix Studio: Sound Lounge
Engineer: Tom Jucarone

Web Films – Sustainability Video
Production Company: Beware Doll
Director: Sam Jones
Editorial: Craft NY

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