Giants Want ’em Back At the Old Ball Game — Balancing Emotional and Retail Appeals, Campaign Urges Fans to Forget Last Year

SAN FRANCISCO – The San Francisco Giants, a club which talked about leaving Candlestick Park, then staying, then leaving again to the frustration of its fans, will launch a new ad campaign asking fans to put the past aside. ‘Basically, people in the Bay Area have been jerked around for years,’ said Gary Freeman, president of Freeman Blanshei Partners/S.F., agency of record for the Giants since 1983. ‘These ads say, ‘Hey look, it’s all over, it’s sort of cathartic and let’s get back to fun and baseball.’ ‘ The spots, which break this week, will run for three weeks. A print campaign broke Sunday.
Jim Pappademas, co-principal of Headlands Communications/S.F. worked with the agency as writer/director.
‘There is an emotional side to whatever we say,’ noted Mario Alioto, director of marketing and broadcasting for the Giants, ‘so we had to deal with the emotional and have enough retail sale in the ads.’
The resulting campaign, six 30- and two 60-second spots, highlight different people involved in baseball and uses an 800 number to order tickets. The two biggest Giants stars, Will Clark and Barry Bonds, have a spot, as does the new owner, manager and general partner, Peter McGowan, ceo of Safeway. The other three spots focus on different fans and their feelings about the Giants and baseball.
Freeman said this is a completely different campaign from ones done in the past. These ads ‘get it back to baseball and fans and take away from the hype and glitz,’ he said. Both Freeman and Alioto stressed McGowan’s position as a fan of baseball and someone who relates to it on a personal level, as elemental in the development of a back-to-basics campaign.
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