Gillette ‘Warns’ Guys About Tag Body Shots

BOSTON Gillette believes guys should never be without the power to attract women, so it has converted its Tag body spray into a pint-size, portable version dubbed Body Shots.

“We were already hearing how guys were keeping Tag in their lockers and gym bags, so we wanted to give them something even more portable,” said Michele Szynal, director of brand communications at Gillette, Boston. Body Shots began hitting stores last month.

An ad campaign, via Arnold in Boston, continues Tag’s tongue-in-cheek “Consider yourself warned” theme, which shows young men being tackled by young women the moment they apply the deodorant. Tag is vying for the same young male demographic as Unilever’s Axe, which does not have an equivalent portable size.

TV spots breaking this week are spoofs of PSAs, warning against the “dangers” of using Body Shots. In one spot a guy is attacked by a group of sorority girls. Another shows parents how to watch for signs that their son is using the product, including “scrapes and bruises from aggressive, amorous girls.”

Body Shot spots will run on shows including Fox’s Family Guy, as well as on ESPN and Comedy Central.

Print will break this month in publications including Maxim and Blender. Like the TV spots, creative employs mildly suggestive sexual overtones, including three women losing at strip poker and a guy getting a body search from female security guards at an airport. Text in one print ad reads: “Load it. Lock it. And rock it at your own risk.”

Spend was not disclosed. Gillette spent $25 million on media for Tag in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.