Google Translate’s Emotional Super Bowl Ad Focuses on the Unifying Power of Language

100 billion words run through the service daily

The spot centers on a 12-year-old service. Google
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The first of two Super Bowl spots from Google focused not on a phone or another new product but Google Translate, the company’s 12-year-old multilingual machine-translation service.

This minute-long spot positions Translate—and language itself—as a great unifier, with its title noting that users process 100 billion words each day.

In a series of vignettes occurring in several different languages around the world, the ad illustrates how Google’s classic service brings strangers and loved ones together through shared experiences like dining, worship and sports.

With technology giants under fire for privacy concerns and other controversies, Google opted to take a softer, more emotional approach to promoting the human benefits of its services.

The effort also acknowledges that some words come from a place of hate but ends by reminding us that the most frequently translated phrases convey thanks and affection.

A spokesperson confirmed that in-house Google Creative Labs made the ad, with media support from PHD and Essence.

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