ground control to major weird

Departing from the graver slants oft used in ads, Hanft Byrne Raboy & Partners is using ground chuck and cross-dressing to tout new client InterNAP.
The New York shop, which won the business in September, is launching a teaser print campaign–its first for the company, which went public in 1999 and offers quick technology that allows companies to transmit data by bypassing such Net congestion as junk mail.
One ad features hamburger meat grinding; another shows transvestites playing accordions, with the copy reading, “Who are you sharing the Internet with?” Following those are photos of Net execs saying such lines as, “I’m not sharing.” The tag: “Mission control.”
The full campaign is still developing, said Doug Raboy, managing partner/creative at the shop. HBR&P is also distributing CD-ROMs containing information on InterNAP.
“What we tried to do is take what could be a complex story and simplify it for people,” said Raboy.
Spending on the print campaign is about $5-6 million; ads are running in technology- and Net-oriented magazines. Radio spots are being planned. –Simon Butler