Guinness Gets New Tag

NEW YORK-Suffering from low unaided brand awareness among “taste beer” drinkers, Guinness broke a new TV spot and tagline last week from Weiss, Whitten, Stagliano. The ad is designed to remind Americans of the rituals involved in drinking the venerable Irish stout.
The 30-second ad is tagged, “The perfect pint,” which replaces “Why man was given five senses.”
This is only the second commercial for the beer, marketed by Guinness Import Co., Stamford, Conn., since the campaign broke last fall. Last year’s spot, “Senses,” is still airing.
The new ad, “Dream,” has similar sepia tones to “Senses.” It focuses on a young Dubliner as he prepares for an evening with friends at a local pub. Viewers see a series of “unusual coincidences,” as agency partner and creative director Marty Weiss put it, that show the man’s longing for a pint of Guinness. Some examples: Water jetting from a faucet fades into the gush of a Guinness beer tap, and the man’s pet fish form the silhouette of a pint of Guinness.
A line of copy asks, “Do you dream in black and white?”
The customary settling of the beer and the man licking foam from his lips also make appearances.
“Sales [of the beer] have been strong, but unaided brand awareness is relatively low,” said H. Tres Meyer, Guinness’ senior marketing director.
The client hopes that more than $10 million of marketing and advertising will help fix that, a source said.
The New York agency’s spot will run until the end of October, then reappear in 1998. The ad will not be accompanied by any print work.

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