Hackers Damage AP Home Page

The Web site for the Associated Press (www.ap.org) was hacked early Wednesday morning, but the attack appeared to affect only the site’s home page and didn’t have any impact on other operations, AP said.

The home page of the site was changed to a page of text headed with “0wn3d by Hfury.” Most of the rest of the text appeared to be screen names and symbols. Other pages on the site were still available, but only if a user knew the exact address of a page.

AP.org is the not-for-profit news service’s public corporate Web site, which has news and information about the AP and its services and products. Stories and photos AP provides to the roughly 1,500 daily U.S. newspapers and broadcasters that jointly own and fund it aren’t part of this site.

“Our news systems have a different level of security and were not affected by the attack,” an AP spokeswoman said.

The hack was first reported by DotCom Scoop, a Web site that tracks Internet news. DotCom Scoop posted an image of the AP home page as of 3:26 a.m. EST that showed the attack occurred sometime earlier in the morning.

The AP spokeswoman said the news cooperative wasn’t aware of the attack until it was contacted at about 3:54 a.m. EST by a reporter. “As soon as we heard about it, we pulled the site down to have a look at it.”

She said AP.org was hacked one other time, on Halloween 1999, when only the home page was affected, she said.

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