Haggman Crafts Spring Campaign for CareGroup

CareGroup Healthcare System has unleashed a barrage of testimonial-style ads for its two Boston medical centers.
Blanketing both local airwaves and print media, individual campaigns for Care Group’s primary hospitals–Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and New England Baptist–focus on the quality of the patient experience through “tried but true” advertising, according to Haggman executive vice president Emily Haggman.
Believing that there is no more powerful voice than patients speaking of their own experience, the ads for Beth Israel Deaconess focus on three primary care areas: obstetrics, cardiology and oncology. “Where the patient comes first” is Beth Israel’s new tagline.
About $2.5 million has been allocated to the campaigns by CareGroup. Ads for both facilities were launched last week and are scheduled to run until June. The media schedule will resume in the fall.
Ads for Beth Israel Deaconess are now running on broadcast and cable TV and in The Boston Globe and Boston Herald.
The New England Baptist campaign, which also features patient testimonials, is running on radio and in the Globe, Herald and Patriot Ledger.
A print execution for ortho-pedic care features a photo of patient Eric Hamburger, an investment broker and weekend soccer player. “After injuring my knee, the pain never left,” reads body copy that floats above an action filled shot of Hamburger pummeling a soccer ball into a net, “Now life is a kick again.”
Haggman has worked for CareGroup primarily on advertising initiatives for Beth Israel. Radio and print executions represent the
Manchester, Mass., shop’s first work for New England Baptist.
Both campaigns were developed by agency creative director Eric Haggman, who worked with senior art director Amy Far Borgman. Television for Beth Israel Deaconess was directed by Bill Cucinello of September Productions in Boston, with original music scored by Andy Mendelson of Aim in New York. K