Hanon Touts Christian Web Site

Hanon McKendry today launches the first work for a startup Christian Web site, iBelieve.com, which is putting $10 million behind an aggressive launch promotion.
The Web offers original content and many Christian-oriented products and services. “The message of the campaign is this new site will help you apply your Christian faith to every aspect of your life,” said John Nardini, chief customer officer, of the Grand Rapids, Mich., based company.
The campaign includes three 30-second TV spots, three 60-second radio and three print ads. Hanon McKendry, Grand Rapids, was responsible for overall brand strategy, media planning and creative. Media was purchased by Affiliated Media Group, Jacksonville, Fla. Internet ads are handled by Beyond Interactive, Ann Arbor, Mich.
The campaign is designed to reach all Christian media users an average of 27 times this year.
TV spots will run on national cable stations, including PAX, Fox Family and the Odyssey network. Radio will air nationally on stations affiliated with the USA and Salem Radio Networks as well as in seven spot markets. Print breaks next month, mainly in Christian publications. More mainstream media buys will be added later in the year, said Bill Danhof, Hanon McKendry’s director of client services.
Each of the three TV spots pieces together an array of life events and close with the tagline, “iBelieve.com. Come, experience and grow.”