Happy Trails

Remember those simple childhood days when your meals and outfits were all determined by your parents, and you didn’t have to make tough decisions?

Well, McClain Finlon Advertising uses this idea in a new campaign for Denver-area urban-lifestyle magazine 5280, showing that now—as an adult—one could use 5280 to keep up with all the city has to offer.

The work is running in cultural-event programs, outdoor and transit. Each ad features a shot of a child doing “kid things,” such as attempt ing to eat a worm or wearing goggles and a cape. Beneath each image is the themeline, “It’s not so simple anymore is it?”

In the earthworm ad, the text notes that 5280 offers comprehensive information on dining out in Denver, while the goggles ad shows how the mag has the dish on Denver’s fashion scene.

The tagline: “It’s a big city. Don’t get lost.”

“Kids are the perfect representatives because … they just do what they want to do,” said Steve Whittier, art director at the Denver shop. “But adults need a guide.”

The work is running regionally in states such as Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico, Whittier said. 5280 is a magazine of 5280 Publishing.