Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam Turns Its Office Into a Crash Pad for Interns

Recruits talent on Airbnb

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Advertising students and recent graduates who are hungry for a taste of agency experience—but also itching for adventure—can pay for their next trip to Amsterdam with talent and hard work. 

Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam is recruiting its latest crop of interns, who are both creative and worldly, through Airbnb. "Airbnb attracts the more adventurous kind of people," Havas Boondoggle executive creative director Menno Schipper told Adweek. "That's exactly the energy we're looking for in ad students."

The agency is renting out its loft—or more specifically its couch—for a minimum of one night and maximum of one week. In exchange for providing a crash pad, interns will work during the day, but can explore the city at night.

"We'd like creative input from all over the world to inspire us and our clients. And although Amsterdam is an attractive city to start your career in advertising, it's a big step for a lot of students. We make it a bit smaller," said Nils Taildeman, executive creative director and head of the internship program at Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam.

A look inside the Havas crash pad in Amsterdam. Havas

The intern program, which launched today, asks advertising hopefuls to submit a portfolio to the agency after reaching out through Airbnb. If the agency bites, the new intern will pack his or her bags to stay in the Havas Amsterdam loft. 

Over the course of their stay, interns will work with the 35-person Havas staff on projects for clients, which include PSA Peugeot Citroën, Heinz, Disneyland Paris, Perfetti Van Melle and others.

If chosen, interns must arrive equipped with sleeping bags and agree to a few simple rules: Don't drink all the beer in the mini fridge, don't touch the other interns or employees, and don't feed the Chihuahua.

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