Heathrow’s Bears Head Home for the Holidays in This Irresistibly Adorable Spot

Havas continues the yuletide tradition

Time to head home for the holidays. Heathrow

Sometimes, being far away from friends, loved ones and familiar places over the holidays can be unbearable.

Cue Doris and Edward Bair, the animated teddy bear mascots of London’s Heathrow Airport. Since last year’s popular seasonal spot that traced their 50-year love story, they’ve retired to Florida. But these days, lounging in the pool holds little appeal for the elderly ursine couple as they mull the prospect of frozen turkey dinners on Christmas Day without the grandkids.

Whatever will they do? Apparently, hibernation is not an option.

If you’re guessing they jet off to Old Blighty for a yuletide visit, entering the British capital through Heathrow, well, duh, it’s a commercial for the airport, after all:

“The Heathrow bears have been so warmly welcomed by the British public over the last two years, as many people identified with that fantastic feeling of being reunited with a loved one at Christmas time,” says airport marketing and communications lead Modupe Adeboye. “Many people told us they wanted to know more about these much-loved bears, which is what we’ve continued to delve into this year,”

This ad marks the Bairs’ third straight holiday appearance for Heathrow, and once again Havas London creates an uplifting scenario that gently tugs at our heartstrings without mawkishly tearing them to shreds.

It’s extremely well executed, with lots of cute Brit in-jokes (fancy a Walker’s biscuit?) and Paul Young’s smoove 80s radio staple “Every Time You Go Away” provides an irresistible ear-worm to chase away those silent nights.


Agency: Havas London
Film Direction: Dom & Nic, Outsider Productions
Animation: The Mill

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