High-Tech Allies DDB, SicolaMartin Win Novell

The first victory for a newly formed alliance between DDB Dallas and SicolaMartin is the $40 million global account of computer netware maker Novell Inc.
The 100-person, high-tech SicolaMartin, based in Austin, Texas, will handle Novell’s domestic advertising. DDB will be responsible for work outside the U.S.
Novell selected the two agencies without a review. The company parted ways with Young & Rubicam’s San Francisco office a few weeks ago.
According to Novell director of global advertising Carol Manning, the selection of SicolaMartin was helped by the agency’s previous relationship with client vice president of marketing Steve Adams.
“We sat down with them and it looked like they could do the job,” Manning said.
The decision to include DDB followed a strategic alliance between the two agencies, which calls for DDB to work exclusively with SicolaMartin on the future acquisition of high-tech business accounts. In return, DDB will provide media and global network resources.
The agency alliance consists of a marketing services agreement and does not currently provide for an equity position in either company.
SicolaMartin’s major clients include Citrix Systems, Compaq, FutureLink and 3M. DDB Dallas’ roster lists American Airlines, Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s and Volkswagen.
“This type of agency alliance . . . is not new to high-tech business, where such alliances are referred to as ‘coopetition,’ “
said SicolaMartin principal Tom Sicola in a statement. “Coopetition is when competitors work cooperatively to deliver unbeatable client solutions.”
“This partnership creatively addresses the specific needs of networking companies like Novell [and] other technology companies,” Sicola said.
The $1.2 billion client is headquatered in Provo, Utah.

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