How Dormify Is Planning to Accessorize Post-Grad Living Spaces

The brand was born in the aisles of a Bed Bath & Beyond

There is Spotify, Changify and Accredify—and then there is Amanda Zuckerman’s startup, Dormify. But Zuckerman is proud to point out that her online housewares retailer came before the ify-ification of the web.

Dormify, which produces and sells products meant for college students, was conceived in the aisles of one of its biggest competitors, Bed Bath & Beyond, in 2012. In the years since, Zuckerman has built her brand while creating a product line that is 90% made in-house.

In this week’s edition of I’m With the Brand, Dormify’s co-founder and creative director tells us about taking on big box stores one dorm room at a time.