How Media Planning Is Evolving and Which Emojis Perfectly Capture the Industry’s Vibe

Headshot of Michael Burgi

Technology and creative thinking have conspired to thrust media planning from the shadows of the agency process into the limelight. Some of the coolest ideas and innovations are now possible thanks to advances in data gathering, a profusion of new media platforms such as mobile and social, and greater control over content by millennials.

Amidst the frenetic Advertising Week scene, Adweek and Oracle Marketing Cloud held a luncheon and series of panel sessions, and chatted with thought leaders about those changes, including Assembly CEO Martin Cass, The Media Kitchen president Barry Lowenthal and Hulu’s programmatic genius Doug Fleming. They also shared with us the emojis that best embody the state of planning today.

@michaelburgi Michael Burgi is Adweek's director of editorial partnerships.
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