How an Organic Food Company Tried to Make the Most Eco-Friendly Ad Campaign Ever

Biocoop goes low-fi

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The best marketing embodies the message it's trying to impart. And in the case of French organic food retailer Biocoop, that means trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible in all of its activities—even producing its ad campaigns.

The brand challenged Fred & Farid to produce ads in a way that had the least impact on the planet. And the Paris agency responded by rethinking almost every element of the production process.

Check out the case study below to see how they minimized the carbon footprint—by shooting photos with a pinhole camera, writing the taglines right on the prints in vegetable paint, recording music in only one take, designing the website almost entirely in ASCII text (totally only 3MB of data) and more.

In the end, the production used up 5.9 tons of carbon dioxide—which sounds like a lot, but is three times less than would have been produced through more traditional means.

They probably shouldn't have produced the case study at all—a purely self-interested piece of communication if ever there was one. But you know, when you do some good for the planet, it's hard not to pat yourself on the back.


Client: Biocoop

Campaign: The Most Eco-Friendly Campaign Ever

Agency: Fred & Farid Paris

Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid

Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal & Olivier Lefebvre

Copywriter: Noé Sato

Art Director: François Claux

Assistant Art Director: Alexandre Jegou

Digital Art Director: Rémy Gendre

Head of Social: Matthieu Bouilhot

Brand supervisor: Patrick Marguerie, Maéva Selami

Account supervisor: Emmanuel Ferry

Account manager: Joy Arfi

TV Producer & Art Buyer: Adélaide Samani

Print Producer: Julia Durey, Olivier Lepaire

Digital Producer: Domitille Doat, Jim Tran, Benjamin Bouzerau-Levy


DOP: Zach Spiger

Photographer: David Ledoux

Typographer: Aleksi Cavaillez

Photo developer: Paul Feton

Media Strategist: Julien Leveque, Lauren Godet

Music: Capitaine Plouf

Production company: Continental Productions

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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