How Snickers Transformed a Basic Biological Need Into Super Bowl Success

'Looking at hunger from a new perspective felt like it could have long-term potential'

Betty White is looking at a Snickers bar as she seems like she is about to take the first bite
The initial spot spurred a popular series of ads that won much acclaim. BBDO

In the fall of 2009, Snickers came to BBDO with two big challenges: an ambition to create a Super Bowl spot that would score high in the USA Today Ad Meter (the one poll that mattered back then) and a long-term task to rejuvenate the brand, one that was iconic and loved but forgotten in the minds of many consumers.

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Gianfranco Arena is an ecd at BBDO New York. His other job is raising a blended family of six kids.
Peter Kain is an ecd at BBDO New York. He is an Eagles fan who would prefer to spend Sunday rewatching last year’s Super Bowl.