How Sullivan NYC Connects Blue-Chip Marketers to the Masses

But don’t call them an agency


Who (partners, from left:) Executive director of strategy Nancy Schulman; CFO Valentine McGovern; founder and managing partner Barbara Apple Sullivan; ecd John Paolini; and executive director of strategy Nicole Ferry

What Brand engagement firm

Where New York

When the Baseball Hall of Fame wanted to attract visitors, Sullivan NYC had a better idea: Build an app and they will come (virtually). That's the kind of big-picture idea that Barbara Apple Sullivan and her firm develop for brands like Disney, Aetna and Playboy. But Sullivan is neither an ad agency nor a digital agency; it's a brand engagement shop.

"We help communicate with customers based on their journey, based on how and where they want to interact with a brand," Sullivan said.

To make that goal easier, the team recently started a content lab called Imprint that helps brands create digital material to fulfill a growing appetite for anything that's sharable online. "Increasingly we found that consumers are feeling like they want more control over decisions, and they have more access to information and are looking for educational content," Sullivan said.

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