IIQ News: TeknoSurf Is Renamed, Revamped

TeknoSurf.com has launched a revamped version of its Web site and renamed itself Advertising.com to more clearly represent itself as an online marketing company.
“Our [former] name did not define who we were and with the new name, we have created an umbrella under which all our services are branded,” said Scott Ferber, ceo and co-founder of the Baltimore-based company. In addition to the ad network, these services include e-mail advertising solutions and GetPaid4, a pay-to-surf desktop product.
The revamped site, which launched today, features several additions, including a glossary of terms, such as cookies, cache, gifs and interstitials, used on the site; a section of case studies of projects led by Advertising.com; and a redesigned product page listing all the services provided by the company.
Unlike some of its competitors, such as major ad networks DoubleClick and 24/7 Media, both New York, Advertising.com is based on performance pricing and has created a shared-risk environment for advertisers by guaranteeing pay-for-performance results.
According to Advertising.com, its revenues have grown 230 percent during the past three months and it is earning more than $3 million a month in revenue. It attributes some of its success to technology that tracks an individual navigating through a Web site, without the user inputting personal data, and determining by this behavior where to place the ads.
“As companies begin to do more of their business online, they will be looking for companies that enable them to maximize their return on investment,” said Jeff Dickey, chief strategy officer for Advertising.com, and a co-founder of DoubleClick. “The business model Advertising.com is built on is designed to drive the ROI up.”
Clients include MicroSoft, eBay, Disney, Amazon, Lycos, Excite, Snap and Tripod. n