In Super Bowl Teasers, Snickers Makes Plans to Fix the World

In three 15-second spots, people share why they're digging a hole

She digs because people these days take calls on speakerphone in public.
She digs because people these days take calls on speakerphone in public. Snickers
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The world is “out of sorts,” Snickers claims in its new Super Bowl teasers. And what are they planning to do about it? Well, that remains a bit of a mystery, but it seems to involve digging a giant hole.

In three 15-second teasers, two in English and one in Spanish, several people decked out in construction gear tell the camera why they dig: an annoying 32-year-old kid who lives at home while working as a part-time DJ, people who make calls on speakerphone in public or have entire conversations with their mothers in the comments section of a social media post, of all places.

“We live in a world today that feels out of sorts and we have a big idea to do something about it,” Snickers brand director Josh Olken said in a statement. “Will it work? Who knows!”

In December, the candy brand announced that its Big Game spot would honor the 10th anniversary of the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, which featured Betty White playing a muddy game of football.

For the last two years, Snickers has sat out of the Super Bowl—its last appearance featured Adam Driver with a live spot that supposedly didn’t go according to plan because the actor was hungry.

This year’s 30-second ad, which will premiere on Snickers’ YouTube channel next week, is scheduled to run during the third commercial break of the first quarter of the Super Bowl.

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