Infographic: How NFL Super Fans Plan to Take in the Season

A glimpse of gameday routines

As September ushers in the official start of football season, fans all over are gearing up to follow their favorite teams—and brand marketers are once again in on the action.

In the DirecTV Annual Survey of the American Football Consumer, DirecTV, in partnership with the IPG Media Lab, found that fans of pro football watch nearly four games every Sunday and that those who tailgate plan to spend almost $600 on food over the season.

"Considering professional football makes up nearly one-third of all sports viewing on TV, and it's almost always viewed live, these findings are important for advertisers," said Kara Manatt, IPG Media Lab's vp, consumer research strategy. "Aligning with professional football allows advertisers to associate their brand with the 'big event' and reach a large, passionate audience at the same time."

So from a brand standpoint, tailgaters, couch quarterbacks and fantasy league champs all are fair game.


This story first appeared in the Sept. 7 issue of Adweek magazine. Click here to subscribe.

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