Infographic: Need a Father’s Day Gift? These Are the Top 10 Brands Dads Desire

Unlike frugal-minded moms, new fathers like to splurge

With Father's Day just a few days away, Y&R has released a new study showing how the modern dad differs from his ancestors.

Once the definitive "head of the household," dad is now more likely to be heading up the household, handling more of the cooking, budgeting, child care and shopping than previous generations. And the study found stark differences in how moms and dads handle these tasks—particularly shopping.

When a woman becomes a mother, she tends to become more frugal, Y&R said, while a new dad shifts instead to splurge mode. Dad is accordingly more loyal to brands, while moms prioritize sales and clip coupons.

Dads are also more open to brands and stores reaching them on their mobile devices, as long as they are opting in. 

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro