IQ Morning Briefing, Feb. 9

Razorfish, the New York-based i-shop that laid off 400 people earlier this
week, posted its first-ever loss on Thursday, showing a fourth-quarter pro
forma loss of $19.8 million, or 20 cents per share. Meanwhile,
fourth-qu arter sales were also down 5 percent against a year ago at $50.1

In December, Razorfish warned of an expected pro forma loss ranging 17
cents to 22 cents for the year’s final three months. According to First
Call/Thomson Financial, analysts took to the center, foreseeing a 20 cents
per share loss. By comparison, in 1999, the i-shop generated a
fourth-quarter pro forma profit of $5.8 million. –Jennifer Owens

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NYPOST.COM, YAHOO! IN CONTENT DEAL:, the online arm of The New York Post, has agreed to provide
select articles to Yahoo! News (found at Under the deal, will provide regional news, editorials and sports stories to
the Santa Clara, Calif.-based portal, as well as gossip, celebrity and
entertainment news from,’s sister site. — Jennifer

Greenwich, CT.-based Change Technology Partners named TODD S.
THOMPSON a managing director of its e-services subsidiar y, eHotHouse. Most
recently, Thompson served as senior vice president at Galt Corporation,
also based in Greenwich.

ROY KIM has been named coo of Fandom, Santa Monica, a targeted media
distribution company. Prior to joining Fandom, Kim was president of
Planesia, San Diego. — edited by Sid Ross

Most people still use a 56K modem to get onto the Internet, but high speed
Internet access was up a whopping 148 percent in December 2000 compared to
the year before. According to Nielsen N etRatings, 4.7 million users
accessed the Internet through an ISDN, LAN, cable modem and DSL connection
in Dec. 99. That figure rose to almost 12 million last year. — Sid Ross

Internet Connection Speeds

High-Speed Access
Dec. 99: 6.4% (of Total Active Internet Audience)
Dec. ’00: 12.0%

Modem 56K
Dec. 99: 42.2%
Dec. ’00: 59.4%

Modem 28.8/33.6K
Dec. 99: 43.1%
Dec. ’00: 23.6%

Modem 14.4K
Dec. 99: 8.3%
Dec. ’00: 5.0%
Source: Nielsen Net/Ratings

THE SCOREBOARD 2/9: (Change reflects difference between opening prices for
today and yesterday.)

Digitas-DTAS: 7 3/16 +3/16 3 1/8 -1/16

Organic-OGNC: 1 1/4 +1/16

Razorfish-RAZF: 1 7/8 +1/4

MarchFirst-MRCH: 2 17/32 0

Sapient-SAPE: 14 1/8 -1/8

iXL-I IXL: 1 15/16 +1/16

Modem Media-MMPT: 4 29/32 -5/32

AOL Time Warner -AOL: 48.87 +0.67

Yahoo-YHOO: 30 1/4 -3 3/16

eToys-ETYS: 5/32 +1/32

Qualcomm-QCOM: 84 3/4 -1 7/8

@Home-ATHM: 5 1/2 -1/88