IQ News: Personify Pairs Products In Its New ASP Service

Personify announced today that it has hopped on the ˜application service provider” trend with the official launch of Personify Central, providing its Essentials and Proactive for Email products on an ASP basis. This approach gives companies a faster, easier way to implement the programs, according to Personify, while taking the heat off clients› IT departments.
The San Francisco-based company provides software tools that report on and analyze interactive marketing campaigns; it also offers consulting services and systems integration.
Essentials lets large businesses analyze Web activity. Proactive for Email lets users create and send out targeted e-mail campaigns based on customer profiles gained from the Essentials app.
Personify CEO Eileen Gittins said the decision to offer these applications via ASP stemmed from the company›s efforts to serve new client Volvo. Marketers from the automaker wanted to use Personify›s applications as the basis for the company›s customer relationship management processes. But timing was a problem„Volvo was about to redesign its 4-year-old consumer site,, which attracted 2 million unique visitors in 1998. (The company hopes to see a 25 to 50 percent increase in its 1999 numbers.)
˜The cycle time we wanted was fairly fast,” said Kris Narayanan, database marketing manager at Volvo. ˜We were classic marketers„we wanted it yesterday.” Implementation discussions between Personify and Rockleigh, N.J.-based Volvo began in the second quarter of 1999. Personify offered to host a pilot test and got the application up and running by Q3.
Satisfied with the application, Volvo considered bringing Essentials in-house. But after Volvo›s IT department evaluated the hardware and software requirements„including having Personify›s engineers connect the applications to Volvo›s internal systems„it became clear that bringing Essentials in-house ˜was going to be a bit tedious,” Narayanan said.
Volvo asked if Personify could continue to host the services, and Personify agreed. Narayanan said Volvo pays less than six figures a year for the ASP.
With all systems go for the site, Personify decided to offer ASP services to new and existing clients for $50,000 a year above the $121,000 yearly license. Personify estimates that it will be 30 percent faster for businesses to get up to speed with the ASP model; the additional cost is offset by the savings in internal engineering costs. n