More and more Internet companies are choosing to play the name game. Here’s a short list of other online ventures that have assumed new identities in a drive for better name recognition.
¨ to Located in Mountain View, Calif. Features live chat and other real-time voice communications.
¨ to Located in New York. Provides extensive guides to various topic areas online.
¨ Homeshark to iOwn. Located in San Francisco. An online loan service.
¨ Tixtogo to Acteva. Located in San Francisco. A booking, ticketing and reservations service.
¨ to Located in San Francisco. An apartment location service.
¨ to Located in Seattle. A small-business support center.
¨ to Located in Seattle. An outdoor apparel and equipment retailer.
Stay tuned for further updates. No doubt more changes are yet to come.–J

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