Is This the Most American Bratwurst Ad Ever? Tammy at Johnsonville Sure Hopes So

You can't spell 'sausage' without 'USA'

All the townspeople, and a monumental guest, turn out for Johnsonville's Memorial Day ad. Johnsonville

The phrase “how the sausage gets made” isn’t usually a positive expression, but Johnsonville and Droga5 turn the topic into a patriotic celebration, complete with an employee’s shirt announcing, “You Can’t Spell SaUSAge Without USA.”

Summer is obviously a peak season for bratwurst brands like Johnsonville, and this year the marketing team is doubling down on that connection with a summer promotion reminding consumers of Johnsonville’s American roots. Or, as actual Johnsonville employee Tammy puts it no small number of times, “Johnsonville brats are made in the USA!”

Tammy is the latest Johnsonville employee to contribute an idea for a commercial, and she is the go-big-or-go-home type. Starting with the timeless premise of a mom embarrassing her kid for asking a question (specifically, where Johnsonville sausage comes from), her concept expands into a Broadway-style ensemble piece with firemen, dozens of local dogs, the mayor, and the Statue of Liberty joining the mom in song. The final surprise appearance sparks a chorus of “heck yeahs” from this PG-rated gathering.

Her inclusion of the town hockey team threw me a bit, because it’s rare to find small-town Americans who care that much about hockey. But even so, her idea is a kitschy and fun extension of the campaign.

If you need more creative fuel for your Memorial Day (or sausage purchase) planning, check out the interviews with more Johnsonville employees below:


Client: Johnsonville
Campaign: Made the Johnsonville Way
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Agency: Droga5 NY
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Producer: Molly Burke David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.