Jack Link’s Is Building a Meat Obstacle Course in Brooklyn for National Jerky Day

Here come the meat sweats

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National Wine Day, National Donut Day, National Pretzel Day—name the food or drink, and there's a "holiday" (and marketing campaign) celebrating it. Case in point: Sunday is National Jerky Day, which was created in 2012 by meat snack company Jack Link's. This weekend, Jack Link's will celebrate Jerky Day for the fifth year in a row by hosting the "Ultimeat Meatathon," a jerky-filled obstacle course at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn.

The obstacle course includes a maze made of meat and a jerky climbing wall. Jack Link's mascot, Sasquatch, also will run the course, and people can guess his finish time online to win a year's supply of jerky. 

This year's initiative isn't quite as ambitious as the brand's previous Jerky Day celebrations. In 2013, the company dropped parachutes carrying beef jerky over Omaha, and in 2014, it built "Meat Rushmore," a model of Mount Rushmore made of jerky. Still, the company hopes to get some attention on site and on social media from this year's event. 

"We're pumped to host the race and give people the chance to feed and fuel their wild sides, and to proudly show us their meat sweats," said Tom Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link's, in a statement. "National Jerky Day is the meatiest time of the year and no one can celebrate this holiday like Jack Link's."



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