Jay Benjamin Reveals His 3 Favorite Ads, and His Plans for Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer’s NYC Office

Plus, why he loves judging ads for the LIA show

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LAS VEGAS—At the end of 2009, Adweek picked Honda “Grrr,” by Wieden + Kennedy London, as the commercial of the decade.

“It’s not often that you see cynical ad mavens shuffling out of the Palais de Festivals in Cannes not only smiling about a commercial but also whistling the jingle. But “Grrr” … is a special case,” wrote Eleftheria Parpis. “An unlikely mix of cute animals frolicking in a CGI Eden, flying diesel engines and the gravel-on-velvet voice of Garrison Keillor, the spot won a slew of awards in 2005. It gets ours for the best of the decade, period.”

Jay Benjamin can agree with that.

The new executive creative creator at Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer’s New York office, who recently left the top creative post at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, named “Grrr” among his three favorite ads of all time when Adweek caught up with him in Las Vegas at LIA judging.

Check out the video to hear from Benjamin about his other favorite ads, his plans for Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer, his admiration for Chris Milk, and why he loves judging at LIA so much.

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.
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