John Cena’s Mom Dishes Out Pain on Wimpy Shoppers in Hefty’s Latest Ad

Havas Chicago delivers again for the trash bag brand

Cena and his mom tag team grocery shoppers in new Hefty ad. Hefty
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By now you should know not to mess with professional wrestler John Cena, but turns out you also need to keep an eye out for his feisty mom. Especially when it comes to buying second-rate trash bags.

Cena and his mom, Carol Cena, star together in one of the brand’s new ads, created by Havas Chicago. Carol’s acting is pretty impressive, not to mention her near-perfect looking headlock. Take a look at the spot “Mom Knows Best” below.

Carol was extremely open to working on the spot with her son. All Havas Chicago had to do was ask and she said yes, according to the agency. Havas has also continued the use of that iconic “Hefty Hefty Hefty!” chant, which it brought back during the brand’s last wave of ads starring Cena last year.

“The first campaign was really successful and we wanted to continue its momentum and continue the authentic connection Hefty consumers had with Cena,” Jason Peterson, chairman and chief creative office of Havas Creative, U.S., said.

A second spot features a group of swooning wives who meet Cena in the trash bag aisle at the grocery store. Like previous Hefty spots, Cena’s charm and good looks are used as the punch line, but it still makes for a good laugh.

“We’re talking about trash bags, which isn’t the most glamorous thing to talk about. But we looked at the cultural landscape and built ads that are funny, relatable and get our point across. Ultimately, we’re strengthening the connection between Hefty and its audience,” Peterson added.


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