Julian Duncan Is Pioneering a New Social Impact Role at the NFL Team Level

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the first team to have a marketing executive overseeing 'social responsibility'

Photo of Julian Duncan
While the NFL has a chief diversity officer and a diversity council, similar roles at the team level are going in a new direction. Jacksonville Jaguars/Adweek

If 2020 has brought an unprecedented reckoning around racial injustice in America, sports might be among the most impacted industries, a testing ground for just how far corporate brands can move into political discourse. NBA playoff games get canceled when players go on strike. A reckoning on Native American slurs forces the Washington Redskins to abandon their name. Tennis players like Naomi Osaka and WNBA teams wear Breonna Taylor’s name on jerseys and masks. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he wishes he “had listened to Colin Kaepernick” when the rising star quarterback initiated a quiet on-field protest that resulted in him being exiled from his career. 

@MaryEmilyOHara maryemily.ohara@adweek.com Mary Emily O'Hara is a diversity and inclusion reporter. They specialize in covering LGBTQ+ issues and other underrepresented communities.