Keisha Lance Bottoms on Leading a Major City Through a Year of Crisis

The mayor of Atlanta joined Brandweek to share her leadership strategy and how the city has sustained the recession

Screenshot of Keisha Lance Bottoms at Brandweek
Giving introductory remarks at Brandweek, Mayor Bottoms praised Atlanta's resiliency in times of crisis. Adweek

The traditional model of leadership is one that doesn’t show weakness. But a new kind of leader is emerging for a new era: a leader that admits they are just as anxious and overwhelmed by the dire state of the world as anyone else. Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who gave the opening remarks at Brandweek on Monday, has no problem admitting her humanity. “The greatest thing I’ve learned is that I won’t have all the answers,” Bottoms told the audience in a conversation with Marvet Britto.

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