Kevin Hart Wasn’t Going to Let an Eviction Notice Get in the Way of a Career in Comedy

The actor now pays it forward

Kevin Hart could have had a free ride at the University of Pennsylvania—his mother was a professor there—but Hart was determined to make it in comedy, a career he began at age 18. His drive has led to sold-out comedy tours, starring roles in major motion pictures, and brand deals with the likes of Nike, Old Spice, Lyft, and many more.

As Hart told us during his keynote conversation at Brandweek in Palm Springs, Calif., earlier this week, all that success means he’s now paying it forward.

“The financial success gives you the opportunity to go and do what others don’t think you can,” said Hart. “I want to go and show people that regardless of the level of success it’s more fun when other people get there too.”

Watch Hart’s entire Brandweek conversation above with Adweek’s managing partner of Awards, Honors and Events Danny Wright. And check out the especially poignant story (around the :20 minute mark) about how his mom, and his bible, came to his rescue when the young, struggling comic was about to be evicted.