Kids Give Andy Murray a Crash Course on American Trash Talking in Under Armour’s U.S. Open Spots

The Scotsman schools them on haggis

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Tennis star Andy Murray has been on quite the tear recently, winning Wimbledon in July and the gold medal for men's singles at the Olympics in Rio last month. But despite all of his success, many tennis fans rarely get to see Murray's personality off the court. Under Armour, for which Murray is a spokesman, is setting out to change that with its new digital content series, #Murrica, which launched last week at the start of the U.S. Open.

The videos, which feature Murray and young players from the New York Junior Tennis League, show the Scottish tennis star and the young Americans trading both tennis tips and cultural barbs.

"We don't say things like clever here, we say things like dope," one of the kids tells Murray.

The kids also teach Murray the art of American smack talk, how to catch Pokemon Go and how to enjoy New York pizza. Murray, meanwhile, offers the kids a sampling of Scotland's sometimes stomach-churning national dish, haggis. "Just think of it as a meatball wrapped in a stomach," he says in response to the kids' skeptical looks.

"Andy Murray's known as a hardworking guy, one of the hardest trained tennis athletes around. He's almost machine-like, and you don't hear a lot about him off the court," said Under Armour's senior creative director Sean Flanagan. "This is an opportunity to show the world his personality. He's a funny, endearing guy, and this lets him show that off."

Since launching this weekend, the videos have garnered 6 million impressions, Flanagan added.

"It's been amazing for us," he said. "It shows another side of Andy: that he's a well-rounded, likeable guy. It's converted people into fans, and helped him bond with current fans."

@ChristineBirkne Christine Birkner is a Chicago-based freelance writer who covers marketing and advertising.
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