Kimberly-Clark Taps Naked

NEW YORK Kimberly-Clark is adjusting its marketing-agency model and no longer developing ad programs built exclusively around 30-second TV spots.

With this new approach in mind, K-C has selected Naked Communications as its communications planning agency.

Naked, New York, will work with the client to better integrate the efforts of all of its agency partners in developing media-neutral marketing ideas, communications plans and channel strategies for K-C’s consumer brands, including Huggies, Kleenex, Scott, Pull-Ups, Cottonelle, Viva, Depend and GoodNites.

Tony Palmer, CMO at K-C, said in a statement that producing marketing efforts built around TV commercials is no longer relevant in today’s business environment. “It is incumbent on clients to take an active role in reshaping the model,” he said, adding that hiring Naked is a step in this direction for K-C.

Naked’s role is to help K-C and its agency partners identify the best communications channels it can leverage to execute a specific brand programs. Naked is media-channel neutral—it does not favor one media over another—so it will be able to assist K-C in exploring the best media channel and outlet for specific brands, said Joey Mooring, a K-C representative.

“Simply put, Naked will help us and our agencies no longer take a ‘shotgun’ approach with our marketing programs by relying on a 30-second TV spot to reach consumers with our messages,” said Mooring. “We are becoming more laser focused on how, when and where we reach our [customers].”

Naked is not replacing any existing agencies. It will work with JWT, MindShare and Ogilvy & Mather—K-C’s key agency partners—to implement the new model.

The client spends more than $200 million in annual domestic measured media, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.