Kung Fu Panda Characters Reenact Iconic Ad Campaigns for Wix’s Super Bowl Spot

The brand's second game-day appearance

Headshot of Katie Richards

Wix.com and the cast of Kung Fu Panda 3 are celebrating 50 years of the Super Bowl by looking back at a few iconic ad campaigns for the brand's second Big Game spot.

After the company ran its first Super Bowl commercial last year, featuring former NFL stars such as Brett Favre and Terrell Owens, DreamWorks Animation approached it about working on a project together. No agency was involved in the creative process.

A series of teasers revealed that the Tel Aviv-based Web development platform would include characters from the upcoming Kung Fu Panda film for its campaign, which uses the hashtag "#StartStunning." In the full ad, Po and his friends are looking for ways to promote Mr. Ping's Noodles. Po suggest running a big commercial, and thinks back to a few iconic spots from days past for inspiration.

Po and his friends reenact Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" spot (which despite common misconception, wasn't a Super Bowl ad) and the Budweiser frogs commercial. Then a friend of Po's suggests starting smaller with a "stunning website from Wix.com."

"For our second Super Bowl appearance we went for a direct message: The first step to a successful business is to create a stunning website. With Wix, regardless of size or advertising budget, everyone can tell their own story," Omer Shai, Wix.com's CMO, said in a statement. "We wanted a spot that will resonate with the tens of millions of people who will see it. And how better than to give a nod to iconic Super Bowl commercials within our own ad." 

The 60-second ad is slated to run during the third quarter of the game.

"One realizes how iconic Old Spice marketing creative has become when you see Po from Kung Fu Panda 3 take on the manly Old Spice guy persona from our timeless 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like' spot," said Janine Miletic, Old Spice brand director at Procter & Gamble, in a statement. "We're truly honored to be included in Wix's tribute to memorable Super Bowl commercials this year."

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