L.A. Gets the Avatar Treatment

You, too, can be blue—or at least turn yourself into a Na’vi for a day. Fox Studios is giving L.A. audiences a shot at looking like Pandora inhabitants as it promotes the April 22 release of the DVD and Blu-ray editions of Avatar, the world’s biggest grossing movie.

Beginning Friday (April 16) for one month, passersby at The Grove mall in Los Angeles can walk up to a 60-foot-by-10-foot digital display with three screens that will capture passersby’s images, transforming them into Na’vi, and e-mail them back, along with information about where to purchase the movie.

The free-standing display was created by Inwindow Outdoor, in collaboration with Fox Studios and Zenith Media, and represents one of the most technologically ambitious outdoor projects ever conceived. The morphing technology retains users’ facial characteristics, all in real time.

“The success of Avatar called for an eye-popping exhibition that would be as engaging as the film and is bound to not only attract attention but draw in shoppers and drive sales of the Avatar release,” said Jeff Cohen, managing partner for Inwindow Outdoor.

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