La Kalle Radio ‘Trashes’ Castro

NEW YORK The controversial statue of Fidel Castro by sculptor Daniel Edwards was finally disposed of today, courtesy of Univision Radio’s La Kalle 98.3 FM, which organized a special event with local DJs and members of the Cuban community in Miami to dump Castro, literally, in a garbage truck.

La Kalle invited the Connecticut-based sculptor to Miami, where he listened to the community’s concerns via call-ins and personal statements during the El Traketeo morning show. After a week of listening to the testimonials, he agreed to give the statue to the local community.

“[Edwards] gave us the statue to burn, but we thought that was a bit too barbaric,” a Univision Radio representative said. Instead, the bust would be dumped in a garbage truck parked on Avenue 36, between 7th and 8th Streets, in the heart of Little Havana.

The event, which was held this morning and broadcast live, included a ceremony to honor what Univision Radio called “the victims of Fidel Castro’s 40-year regime” by reading out loud the names of well-recognized figures of the Cuban-American community. Cuban songstress Albita performed during the event.

Rage against Edwards’ sculpture was not limited to Florida. Earlier this month, Union City, N.J., Mayor Brian Stack sent a letter to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg opposing the temporary display of Edwards’ “Fidel Castro’s Deathbed Portrait” in Central Park. The statue was never put up.