Las Vegas, Launch Campaigns

NEW YORK What are the odds? Both Las Vegas and launched new campaigns this week.
Las Vegas, in the form of the Las Vegas Conventions and Visitors Authority, partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment for a campaign centered on the March 28 release of 21. The movie, based on a true story, is about a group of college kids who won millions of dollars counting cards in Las Vegas.
The campaign includes two 30-second spots of clips from the movie that carry no branding for Las Vegas. In “Room Service,” a young man in bed gropes for the phone and asks for room service. As the camera pulls back, it becomes obvious that he is not in a hotel. The operator informs him that there is no room service at the campus cafeteria. Then the “Someone’s Vegas is showing” super flashes onto the screen, followed by more clips from the movie.
“Someone’s Vegas is showing” is a reference to, a site launched in January by R&R Partners, Las Vegas CVA’s longtime ad agency. On the site users can make crests related to Vegas with sayings such as “Weekend MVP” and “Ratpacker.”