Cheeky New Work for Mr. Clean Kicks Off Search for a New Face

Kellan Lutz wasn't quite right

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Procter and Gamble is on the lookout for a new Mr. Clean. After 60 years with the same mascot, the brand is shaking things up—over the next month, it will look at audition reels and host two casting sessions in New York and Los Angeles as part of a contest to find a new face for the squeaky-clean brand. 

To introduce the contest, the brand has a new 60-second spot with actor Kellan Lutz spoofing an audition reel for the Mr. Clean role. It is part of a new push from Leo Burnett and Citizen Relations to "revitalize the brand" by bringing back what made it resonate with consumers in the first place—its iconic jingle and mascot. 

"This is the second in our series of efforts to go back to our roots," said Kevin Wenzel, associate brand director for Procter and Gamble North America. "The first was the new modern version of our jingle television spot, which we launched July 1. It was a well-known jingle that was used to launch the brand. We used it for decades, and it was brought into a more modern context." 

Wenzel added, "The jingle ad gives us the perfect time to reintroduce the man because it's bringing up great memories of the brand itself, and he is inextricably tied with the brand." 

Though there will be a new face in the fold, Mr. Clean the iconic character is not going away, according to Wenzel.

"We will still have our iconic Mr. Clean, but this will be a chance to let a consumer have a little bit of fun and let us have a little bit of fun as well," Wenzel said. "That next Mr. Clean will be helping us generate content, including appearing in a calendar which we'll be showing online."

Mr. Clean will announce the contest winner and award $20,000 in mid-October. 

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