LVCVA “The Reading”

Ad of the Day – 10/07/09
It probably says something unflattering about human nature that the reading of a will is a reliable source of comedy in numerous movies, plays and TV shows — and even the occasional commercial. Anyhow, this spot for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (via R&R Partners) uses it to good advantage. The deceased is the star of the show as we witness the playing of a video in which he announces his bequests to the assembled near-and-dear ones. One of the conventions of the will-reading genre is that grasping relatives and significant others are dismayed by what’s left (or not left) to them, and we get some of that here. But the distinctively Las Vegasesque touch comes when we learn that the real prizes in this man’s estate — “the Monet, the Bentley and the Italian villa” — have been bequeathed to his “favorite concierge … for reasons that will remain between us. Right, John?” Carrying the city’s “happens here, stays here” ethos beyond the grave, the spot reminds us that a trip to Las Vegas is an indispensable part of a life well misspent. If such a long-running campaign is going to stay fresh, it’ll need some off-beat ingenuity, and this spot displays just that. –Mark Dolliver

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