Mack Trucks Tries Its Hand at Long-Form Storytelling to Highlight Life Behind the Wheel

The weekly series will cover people in trucking-related jobs

Each video in the series will shine the spotlight on several of the city's truck drivers. - Credit by Mack Trucks
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If there’s any occupation that’s under-appreciated in New York City, it’s probably that of a garbage truck driver. Now, Mack Trucks is aiming to change that with a docu-style video series called RoadLife, which shines light on the often-overlooked, yet highly strenuous lifestyle of truck drivers—garbage and otherwise—in the city.

The first installment of RoadLife, called “The City That Never Sleeps,” features Lionel Valentine, a father who drives for the sanitation department, as well as Hector Garcia, who doubles as a pastor and a grocery delivery truck driver. Future episodes will incorporate drivers from all across the trucking industry.

“Our goal with RoadLife is to tell the stories of men and women whose stories aren’t often told, but are so vital to the success of society,” said John Walsh, vice president of marketing, Mack Trucks. “New York City, America’s largest city, was the perfect place to start.”

In addition to telling these untold, human-centric stories, RoadLife, which was produced 90 percent in-house, is also an opportunity for Mack to engage with truck-purchasing decision makers, Walsh said. “We have a significant driver shortage in our industry, and drivers have a role in what brands of trucks are being purchased.”

Mack will also leverage the company’s marketing partnerships by featuring celebrities like Oakland Raider defensive end Khalil Mack and country musician Steve Moakler and brands like Lego, Walsh said. The videos feel authentic and relatable because celebrities and truck drivers are placed on the same level, he added. The episode with Khalil Mack will include an appearance by his father, highlighting Mack’s emphasis on family values.

The series highlights the day-to-day challenges faced by the city’s truck drivers, whether that’s inclement weather or 14-hour days, as well as the satisfaction they take in a job so critical to the city’s functioning. “I do take pride in what I do,” Garcia said. “Remember, without groceries people can’t eat. And we’re all season; nothing can stop us. We will deliver no matter what the weather.”

After all, everything you use in your life was once on a truck, Walsh said.

RoadLife will debut weekly on as well as Mack Trucks’ social channels. The Office of Experience in Chicago assisted with aspects of the campaign, including the RoadLife landing page.

Mack is part of the Volvo group.

@AlissaFleck Alissa Fleck is a New York City-based reporter, podcast producer and contributor to Adweek.