McDonald’s Finally Caves: All-Day Breakfast Is Coming Nationwide This Fall

Brand also responds to dated requests on Twitter

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If there's one thing McDonald's customers have been begging for it's all-day breakfast. The fast-food giant teased people earlier this year by testing the concept at select locations in California. But now, with those tests almost over, all-day breakfast will roll out nationwide on Oct. 6, according to McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb. 

"While restaurants serve all-day breakfast, our rest-of-day core menu items will stay intact—such as the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, McNuggets, Fries, etc.—but regions can determine what, if any, menu items need removing based on local customer preferences," said McComb. 

Those hoping for an Egg McMuffin anytime they want one may be disappointed, though. McDonald's has divided up its locations by region, with some hawking the McMuffin all day and others selling the McDonald's Biscuit sandwich.

To get people excited, the brand is replying to dated tweets—many date back to 2008—with personalized messages and a variety of GIFs. 

This year alone, more than 120,000 people have asked McDonald's on Twitter for all-day breakfast, the brand told the Wall Street Journal. So why not reply to let them know that their question finally has an answer, and that answer is yes?

Check out some of the responses below: 

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