Meal Appeal

At least one meal with your kid a day may help keep the drugs away.

Such is the message of a new PSA campaign for Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey by Gil les pie. The work is slated to debut in January in magazines and newspapers, and as billboards and tollbooth signs, among other media.

In one ad, a picture of a cheeseburger appears under the line, “Satisfy your teen’s hunger for attention,” while beneath the burger are the words, “Invite her to dinner.” A young girl in sunglasses stands beside that line, looking at the viewer.

In another, a shot of a cake with blue icing is shown under the sentence, “Indulge yourself in your kid’s world.” Below the image: “Show your sweet side.”

In all the work, the copy explains that hav-ing meals with your children—even just one a day—can decrease the likelihood that they’ll try marijuana by up to two-thirds. There is no tag line.

Tom McManimon, man aging partner, crea tive director at the Prince ton, N.J.-based shop, said the agency wanted to convey a positive message through positive imag ery—rather than via the “shock treatment and scare value” that often pervades ads in the category. “It’s all about taste appeal,” he said.