Measure for Measure

OK, I’ll admit it, I love interactive marketing, watching the results of a campaign or project while it’s running. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right. Let’s face it, no other marketing or media channel has the same immediate reinforcement that, for instant gratification junkies, makes interactive marketing the best route to “immediate impact” Nirvana.
Today’s challenging economic environment is creating an even greater need to realize results immediately, if not sooner. Regardless of whether it’s an agency review or new client pitch, robust metrics are a crucially important tool. Clients ultimately want to know how — and how soon — online interactive campaigns are going to impact their respective bottom lines.
And, while I understand and appreciate the need for good, solid data around marketing programs, I must be the bearer of bad news. There are a lot of companies that aren’t even close to asking the $64,000 measurement question about the effectiveness of their interactive campaigns, much less answering it.