Microsoft Kin Launch

Microsoft embarks on a lighthearted search for the meaning of “friendship” to launch its long-awaited Kin touch-screen smartphone. The device (which had been code-named “Pink”) lets users pool various social media streams so that feeds from their closest friends rise to the top. Rosa Salazar, a 24-year-old aspiring comedian from Brooklyn, N.Y., is the focus of TV and Web spots as she journeys far and wide to interact with some of her 700 Facebook contacts. The documentary-style effort shows her meeting up with a shaggy ex-boyfriend, some doofus guy she only knows from the Internet and token celeb Andy Samberg, among others. It’s all very common denominator/tongue-in-cheek, and the star seems affable and perky if not overly engaging. Of course, this is a huge career break for Salazar, so anyone who “outs” her as an iPhone devotee should be promptly unfriended. Though, on second thought … such controversy would probably just make her a hotter property. So pals with pix of our heroine wearing a “Microsoft Sucks” T-shirt and standing on line at the Apple Store might as well go public. That’s what friends are for. –David Gianatasio