Modernista! Unveils First Napster TV

BOSTON Modernista!’s first commercials for Napster aim to educate the consumer about the digital music subscription Web site while leveraging its rebellious heritage.

Four 15-second TV spots have an industrial feel with the client’s familiar cat logo used as a psychedelic backdrop over a grainy screen. Disembodied voiceovers tout Napster’s subscription service as superior to purchasing songs. (Napster members do not buy music, but for a flat monthly fee have unlimited access to 1.5 million songs.) Each spot concludes with the logo purring.

In one ad a girl says in a hypnotic voice: “Napster is your friend. Take your friend with you. Join us now and get a free MP3 player.” Another says: “Hello friend. You don’t need to own music to discover music to love music to share music.” The spots conclude, “Bye buy music.” Yet another commands, “Own nothing. Have everything.” The fourth ad, “Cake,” concludes, “Have your cake. Eat your cake. Just don’t buy your cake.”

Production credits include Koepke and Lance Jensen as executive creative directors. Alex Flint, Chris Beresford-Hill, Shane Hutton and Jensen were the copywriters, and Koepke and Will Uronis served as art directors.

Boston-based Modernista! has a client list that includes General Motor’s Hummer and Animal Planet. It added Napster in June following a review.

The client spent $25 million on ads through the first eight months of 2005 after spending $10 million last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.