Monday Miscellany

* While just 11 percent express “a lot of confidence” in corporations, 47 percent voice that degree of confidence in small business. (Public Policy Polling)

* Thirty-nine percent of respondents agree that Twitter is “a fad that’ll fade,” while 15 percent consider it “an important new tool.” Thirty-three percent say they have heard a lot about it but remain “unsure what it is”; 10 percent say, “What’s Twitter?” (Vanity Fair/60 Minutes)

* Among those 30 and older, 83 percent say the recession has “increased their desire to provide financial protection for their family.” If something were to happen to the breadwinner, 32 percent say the household would rely primarily on life insurance “to fund their family’s future financial goals.” (Ipsos Public Affairs for New York Life)

* Sixty-one percent of workers surveyed say they always or usually live “from paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet,” up from 49 percent last year. Among those with salaries of $100,000 or more, 30 percent do so, and 23 percent have cut back their 401(k) contributions or other personal savings during the past six months. (

* Twenty-one percent of gay homeowners surveyed say they moved three or more times in the previous 10 years, vs. 12 percent of non-gay homeowners. (Target 10/Socratic Technologies)