Monday Miscellany

* Sales in the U.S. of “ethnic” foods are forecast to reach $2.2 billion this year, and “solid growth” of nearly 20 percent is predicted for 2010-2014. (Mintel)

* Among U.S.respondents age 18-34, 63 percent say they’ve played a lottery game within the past year. (Ipsos Reid)

* Following David Letterman’s revelation about affairs with staffers, 45 percent of a poll’s respondents say they have a favorable opinion of him, vs. 39 percent unfavorable. The real sting in the poll: 2 percent say they never heard of him. (Fox News/Opinion Dynamics)

* People in the market for a new car would be willing to spend an average of $27,271 on it. (Kelley Blue Book)

* Based on their online searches for hotels and airport destinations, Las Vegas was the travel destination Americans were most interested in last month, with New York the runner-up. (BlueKai)

* Forty-seven percent think there are strong or very strong conflicts in the U.S. between “rich people and poor people.”  (Pew Research Center)

* Fifty-one percent of teens polled say they’d like to start their own business someday. (Junior Achievement)

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