Monday Miscellany

* If they had to eliminate the Internet or TV from their lives, 48 percent would forgo the former and 49 percent the latter. (Arbitron/Edison Research)

* Among 18-29-year-olds, 17 percent said they trust “traditional media” to “do the right thing” all or most of the time. Even fewer of the 18-29s, 11 percent, trust “Wall Street executives” that much. (Harvard Institute of Politics)

* Sales of “prestige” makeup fell 5 percent last year vs. 2008, to $3.16 billion. Sales of “prestige” skin-care products also slid, by 4 percent, to $2.47 billion. (The NPD Group)

* Asked to identify the music-related locale they would most like to visit, 29 percent picked Bourbon Street in New Orleans and 26 percent chose the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Twenty percent cited Abbey Road in London, 11 percent the Motown Studios in Detroit and 8 percent Graceland in Memphis. (Vanity Fair/60 Minutes)

* Just 4 percent of U.S. respondents view China as an “ally” of the U.S. They were more apt to accord this status to such trading partners as Japan (30 percent), South Korea (29 percent), France (28 percent) and Mexico (19 percent). (The Economist/YouGov)

* Fifty-two percent of female respondents stay out of stores where they’d be tempted to overspend. Still, 42 percent “enjoy browsing,” and 38 percent “still love to shop, even though they are buying less of everything.” (WSL Strategic Retail)

* Among employed respondents, 70 percent said the job they have is the “ideal” one for them. Even among those making less than $12,000 a year, a majority (57 percent) said their job is the ideal one for them. (Gallup)

* Among workers age 35-plus, 43 percent have a boss who’s younger than they. The figure climbs to 53 percent for workers 45-plus. (